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GoFly Reaches 2,100 Innovators and Announces In-Kind Sponsorships for Teams

With over 2,100 Innovators participating in the GoFly Prize from 86 countries across 6 continents, GoFly is catalyzing innovation across the globe! Our innovators include some of the best and brightest designers, builders, and thinkers from young engineers at top universities to veteran aerospace experts … and this excitement has been a constant reminder that, […]

After Just 50 Days, The GoFly Prize Has Over 1,000 Innovators

It’s been 50 days since the launch of the Boeing-sponsored GoFly Prize, and we’re excited to announce that more than 1,000 innovators from over 70 countries have signed up to take part in our challenge to design and build a safe, compact and quiet personal flying machine capable of being flown by anyone, anywhere.  This […]

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