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GoFly has prepared a list of Investors interested in speaking to, meeting with, and potentially funding GoFly Teams.

Voltaplex Joins GoFly As an In-Kind Sponsor

Voltaplex provides lithium-ion cells for industries ranging from space to consumer electronics.

GoFly Announces Pratt & Whitney as New Corporate Sponsor

GoFly welcomes newest corporate sponsor, Pratt & Whitney into the GoFly universe.

Meet the 10 Winners of GoFly Phase I

GoFly is pleased to introduce to the world the 10 Winners of Phase I of the GoFly Challenge.

GoFly Launches Phase II with 15 Benefits for Teams

Teams get to test out designs, turn their ideas into reality, and begin their builds to make people fly with the launch of Phase II.

GoFly Celebrates Phase I Submissions

GoFly celebrates over 600 Innovators from over 30 countries across 6 continents submitting their designs.

GoFly Reaches 2,100 Innovators and Announces In-Kind Sponsorships for Teams

GoFly announces roster of in-kind sponsors and over 2,100 Innovators.

After Just 50 Days, The GoFly Prize Has Over 1,000 Innovators

More than 1,000 innovators from over 70 countries have signed up to take part in the GoFly challenge.

Greg Hyslop
Boeing CTO Greg Hyslop: “Are You Up for the Challenge?”

Boeing, our grand sponsor, has been at the forefront of aerospace innovation for more than a century. Now, they're working with us to fuel the imagination of the next generation of inventors, engineers, tinkerers and doers.

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