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Mentors And Masters

Creating revolutionary technology is no easy feat—even the brightest minds need a helping hand. That’s why we’ve partnered with the world’s leading experts in aviation and business to help GoFly Prize innovators along the way, including specialists in aircraft design, systems engineering, fabrication and testing, and finance and funding.


Experts engage with innovators and share their insights in two different ways, as Mentors or Masters. Mentors work directly with innovators in their respective areas of expertise, providing tailored advice on projects and progress. Masters host monthly online lectures, offering teams around the world opportunities for learning and discussion.

Meet the Masters

Dr. Shane Arnott


Jon Beatty

Flight Safety Foundation

Dr. Paul Bevilaqua

Lockheed Martin Skunk Works

Mark Bezos

DemoMode Marketing

Akif Bolukbasi


Pete Buck

Lockheed Martin

Aditi Chattopadhyay

(AIMS) Center

Dr. Inderjit Chopra

University of Maryland

Pat Collins

British Ministry of Defence

Roger Connor

Smithsonian Institution

Jeremy Conrad


Blanche Demaret


Matt Desch

Iridium Satellite

Carl Dietrich


Fernando Dones


Richard Golaszewski

GRA, Incorporated

Dr. Irene M. Gregory


Helen Greiner

CyPhy Works

Mike Hirschberg

AHS International

Emily Howard


Dr. Greg Hyslop


Bruce Kay

Sikorsky Aircraft

Vijay Kumar

University of Pennsylvania

Dr. John S. Langford

Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation

Nicholas D. Lappos

Sikorsky Aircraft

Earl Lawrence

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Dr. William D. Lewis

U.S. Army

Kristin Little


Jim Murray

PJT Partners

Dan Newman


Darryll J. Pines

Clark School of Engineering

Boris Popov

BRS Aerospace Inc.

Will Porteous

RRE Ventures

Dr. Daniel P. Raymer

Conceptual Research Corporation

Dr. Stephen Rizzi

NASA Langley Research Center

Dr. Kenneth M. Rosen

General Aero-Science Consultants, LLC

Suna Said

Nima Capital

Marc Sheffler

American Helicopter Museum and Education Center

Dr. Arvind Sinha

Australian Department of Defence

Dr. Marilyn Smith

Vertical Lift Research Center of Excellence

Dr. Patricia Stevens

Boeing Phantom Works

Tony Tether

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Chris Van Buiten

Sikorsky Aircraft

Dr. James Wang

Leonardo Helicopters

Dr. Steven H. Walker

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Dan Wolf

Cape Air

Tom Wood

Bell Helicopter

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