Congratulations to all our innovators and teams for your submissions in Phase I of the GoFly challenge! Over 600 Innovators from over 30 countries across 6 continents have submitted their designs. Your technical prowess and enthusiasm to change the world are evident in your entries, which our team looks forward to reviewing in greater detail in the coming weeks. This exciting moment marks the first step in our collective mission to revolutionize flight, transportation, and the world as we know it!

On June 12th, GoFly will announce the Phase I winners and award $20,000 to each of the top 10 submissions.

In the meantime, there are two important points to note:

1. You do NOT need to win a Phase I prize in order to continue on to Phase II. While we are looking forward to celebrating these Phase I winning Teams, all innovators (whether they won a Phase I prize or not) are encouraged to continue competing throughout the entire competition. The Final Fly Off winners can still come from anywhere, and do not need to have won a previous round’s prize in order to win the Grand Prize. And remember, there are still almost $2,000,0000 in prizes available in Phase II and III.

2. All Innovators interested in continuing to participate in the GoFly Prize should accept the Interim Agreement. Signing this agreement allows you to keep working on your design while you prepare the Phase II documents, which will be available in early May and may take teams additional time to complete. And if this Interim Agreement looks familiar to you, it should! It is an update of the Phase I Agreement that you already signed. To continue participating as part of GoFly in anticipation of Phase II, please accept the agreement on the GoFly Prize site.

In May, we will be officially launching Phase II of GoFly: The Building Phase. This is when teams get to test out designs, turn their ideas into reality, and begin building their prototypes to make people fly! We will be sharing additional information about this in the coming weeks, alongside some very exciting news around access to valuable software, products, services, and experts that all participating teams will have access to throughout the entire competition.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Ready. Set. GoFly!