Congratulations to all our innovators and teams for completing Phase I of the GoFly challenge! Over 600 Innovators from 33 countries across 6 continents have submitted their designs. We are in the midst of reviewing Phase I submissions and continue to be impressed by the technical prowess and enthusiasm to change the world displayed by each Team. As a reminder, on June 14th, GoFly will award $20,000 to each of the top 10 submissions.

With Phase I submissions in, we are thrilled to officially launch Phase II of GoFly. Phase II launches the Building Phase of the competition. This is when teams get to test out designs, turn their ideas into reality, and begin their builds to make people fly!

And remember: You don’t need to win a Phase I prize, or to have participated in Phase I, in order to participate and win in Phase II.

As Teams begin the Phase II Building Phase, GoFly is proud to support all our innovators every step of the way. To that end, GoFly has partnered with industry leaders to provide access to a myriad of incredibly valuable benefits throughout the entire competition. All Teams who participate in the Phase II Building Phase and who continue to remain active competitors will have access to hundreds of thousands of dollars in mentoring, software, products, services, media, and discounts, including but not limited to our GoFly In-Kind Sponsor program.

Global Aerospace: Insurance

Global Aerospace is a leading provider of aerospace insurance with a worldwide portfolio of clients who are engaged in every aspect of the aviation and space industries. Known for its innovative approach to providing insurance solutions for the industry, the company’s underwriting is backed by a pool of high quality insurance companies representing some of the most respected names in the business. Global Aerospace will provide all eligible Phase II and III GoFly Teams with $1,000,000 of Aircraft Liability insurance for a flat rate of $1,500. (*eligibility dependent on team’s geographical jurisdiction)

BRS Aerospace: Ballistic Recovery Systems Safety Consultations

BRS will provide free Ballistic Recovery Systems Safety consultations to all Phase II Teams on designing the Team’s safety mechanism. BRS CEO and GoFly Master Boris Popov will also personally provide the consultation for each Team. All Phase III Teams will be provided with a Safety System Assessment Report at no charge and will have the opportunity to purchase a BRS system at a 20% discount.  

OnShape: CAD Software

The modern CAD system offers advanced modeling tools and design data management in a secure cloud workspace that is accessible on any device and never loses data. Onshape will be providing its Professional Level CAD software and technical support to all registered Phase II GoFly Teams. When additional help is needed, all Teams have access to Onshape technical support, online classes and tutorials

TotalSim US: CFD Simulation Software

TotalSim US’s Computational Fluid Dynamics allows users to simulate test conditions and run robust analyses on build designs, all through cutting edge CFD technologies. All Phase II GoFly Teams will have access to TotalSim US’s CFD software, as well as access to simulation tokens.

Cases by Source: Exclusive Custom Case Sponsors

Cases By Source designs and manufactures protective packaging to protect some of the world’s finest and valuable instruments and equipment. All Teams that make it to Phase III will be supplied with a free Cases by Source custom case and custom foam insert in order to help you transport your Personal Flying Devices to the Final Fly Off. The design process begins in Phase II when each Team is supplied with a free custom case rendering and will have the ability to work directly with Cases By Source designers on their custom cases.

Fibre Glast: Special Composite Material Supplier

Fibre Glast Developments specializes in the distribution of carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar, resins, vacuum bagging materials, pumps and equipment, additives, gel coats and other supplies necessary to create lightweight, durable aircraft. Fibre Glast will be providing a 20% discount on all products sold on their websites for all registered and participating Phase II GoFly Teams.

RockWest Composites: Special Composite Provider

Rock West Composites sells carbon fiber tubes, plates, rods, shapes, connectors, and a whole host of composite material needs that will be essential in the build phase for our competitors. Rock West will provide a 15% discount on all goods sold on the Rock West websites to all registered and participating GoFly Phase II Teams.

Firgelli Automations: Preferred Actuator Sponsor

Firgelli Automations is a global provider for TV Lifts, Linear Actuators and many other products to support a huge range of industries and applications. The Top 10 Phase I Teams who continue onto Phase II will be provided with one free Firgelli Automations actuator at no cost or charge to the Teams. In addition, all Phase II Teams will receive 30% off the regular price of all items on the Firgelli website for so long as such Team is registered and participating in the GoFly Prize.

Master Lectures

GoFly provides free access to Master Lectures and Q&A with the luminaries of aerospace design, engineering, finance, law, and marketing. Teams have the opportunity to engage in discussions with the masters of aviation and business in global webinars. Through the Master Lectures, Teams can learn from DARPA chiefs, NASA gurus, Boeing Senior Technical Fellows, and the VCs who are helping to shape the future. The full list of Masters and their bios can be found here.

One-on-One Assistance From GoFly Mentors

All active Phase II Teams have access to the GoFly Mentor program, which matches innovators directly with Mentors in areas such as technology, design, fundraising, or marketing. Participating teams can request to be paired with a mentor through this form.

Venture Capital Introductions and Funding Mentors

GoFly will provide active Phase II Teams with introductions to and mentoring from experts in venture capital and fundraising. GoFly will provide free programming on developing your funding deck, creating a list of active aerospace financers, taking that first pitch meeting, the funding process, and traditional deal terms.

KickStarter: Mentoring and Curated Pages

GoFly Phase II Teams wishing to raise funds through a Kickstarter campaign can access free Mentoring from Kickstarter Technology Leads. All GoFly Teams raising funds through Kickstarter will be featured on a GoFly Kickstarter Curated Page.

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association: Free 6-Month Membership

Since 1939, AOPA has protected the freedom to fly by promoting an environment that gives people of all ages the opportunity to enjoy aviation and all it has to offer. AOPA is providing all Phase II Teams with a free 6-month Flight Training membership. AOPA will provide Phase 1 winners with an additional 6-month members, and all Phase II and Phase III winners with a 1-Year Intro Membership.

Experimental Aircraft Association: Discounted Membership

EAA embodies The Spirit of Aviation through the world’s most engaged community of aviation enthusiasts. All GoFly Phase II Teams will receive discounted membership in the Experimental Aircraft Association.    

Flight Safety Foundation: Discounted Membership

The Flight Safety Foundation is an international non-profit organization chartered to provide impartial, independent, expert safety guidance and resources for the aviation and aerospace industry. The Flight Safety Foundation will be providing an 85% discount for membership to all registered and participating Phase II competitors, as well as discounts to its Global Aviation Safety Conferences and Seminars.

All of these benefits are available to all Teams who complete the Phase II application and are officially accepted as a Phase II Team by GoFly. To become an official Phase II Team, innovators must complete the Phase II Agreements, which can be started by contacting with: 1) name, 2) team name, 3) list of team members, and 4) country. Registered teams gain access to these benefits in return for completing the Master Team Agreement documents and agreeing to provide GoFly with the opportunity to take a small equity stake in the resulting company. In the meantime, if you have not already done so, please be sure to sign the Interim Agreement, which allows you to keep working on your design while you prepare the Phase II documents.

We can’t wait to see what you all create!

Ready. Set. GoFly!