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Editor’s Note: We’re excited to introduce you to the innovative, bold, and talented individuals competing in GoFly. Our teams come from all over the world, shaped by their diverse backgrounds and unique life experiences. We can’t wait to see what they’ll build, but in the meantime, get to know the people behind the devices.



Sometimes, dreams do come true. They certainly have for Irakli Shengelia of the Republic of Georgia.  

Irakli is the captain of Raven LLC, and his participation in GoFly is the culmination of his dream of flight that “has always been deeply rooted in my consciousness.”

He recalls that the actualization of that dream started to take flight several years ago when he realized that he could “actually build something ultra small, with available materials, that can make me fly.”

Now, through his participation in the GoFly Prize, Irakli is taking his dream to the next level—to the skies themselves.  

But, he says, his dream goes far beyond creating a personal flight machine. Indeed, Irakli has a much headier, altruistic goal.  

“The cities around the globe are experiencing huge problems related to traffic jams, air pollution and lack of free green spaces due to the number of vehicles in the streets,” he explains.  “It seems realistic, that with personal flying devices, more people will choose to perform their daily commute by air, saving the environment and having more fun in their life.”

He, himself, will have more fun in his life if his flying device “makes it all the way to the production model that will become one of the safest and most affordable ways to make people fly.”

In the meantime, it is the challenge, itself, that keeps him motivated. He says that it is exciting how GoFly matches the vision of so many inventors and dreamers all around the world.  

The time has come, he stresses: “We are about to witness the explosion of many designs that will leave the drawing boards and see the light as true technology demonstrators and practical flying devices.”

And while he still has a way to go to take his Raven into full prototype production, he keeps his eye on the ultimate prize to propel him forward.  

Indeed, he says that his motivation is best expressed in the vision of the challenge. “GoFly is about flying people….and that’s the greatest thing.”

Boeing, our grand sponsor, has been at the forefront of aerospace innovation for more than a century. Now, they’re working with us to fuel the imagination of the next generation of inventors, engineers, tinkerers and doers.

This is a story about flying. We’re calling on makers and doers to build the world’s first personal flying device for anyone, anywhere. Will you join us?