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Master Lectures

Master Lecture: Mastering the VC Pitch

In this lecture, Mourad Yesayan offers advice on mastering the VC pitch. 

Master Lecture: Pitching to Venture Capitalists

In this lecture, Tess Hatch, Bessemer Venture Partners, provides pitching advice to new businesses.

Master Lecture: The Story of Terrafugia

For this Master Lecture, we welcome Carl Dietrich, co-founder and CEO of Terrafugia.

Master Lecture: Ducted Fans For Hover and Cruise

Bob Parks lectures about using ducted fans for hover and cruise.

Master Lecture: Vertical Flight Technical Resources

Mike Hirschberg and Dr. Marilyn Smith lecture about technical resources for vertical flight.

Master Lecture: The Regulatory Environment — Which Path Is Right For You?

Director of the UAS Integration Office lectures on the regulatory environment and determining which path is right for you.

Master Lecture: Prioritizing Safety to Allow For Rapid Development and Learning

Chief Engineer David Neely lectures on prioritizing safety.

Master Lecture: How to Attract Startup Capital

Managing director of Boeing HorizonX Ventures lectures on how to attract startup capital.

Master Lecture: When Will My Air Taxi Arrive?

The president and CEO of Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation lectures about the future of personalized flight.

Master Lecture: BRS Aerospace

Founder of BRS Aerospace lectures on how the company can help GoFly Prize competitors.

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