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Boeing GoFly Competition Offers $2 Million to ‘Personal Flyer’ Makers 

The GoFly competition, sponsored by Boeing, is offering nearly $2 million in prizes to innovation teams who can build a ‘personal flyer’. Interested teams should apply by October 1st.


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The Origins of Flight, From Birds to Bugs to Planes

When the Wright Brothers took to the skies in 1903, they were relative latecomers — insects already had been buzzing around for 325 million years. But in a little over a century, our species has more than made up for its Earth-bound origins, visiting every planet in the solar system and even penetrating interstellar space.


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These 5 ‘Jetpacks’ Just Won Big at an International Competition to Build Personal Flying Devices

Gwen Lighter launched GoFly, a $2 million international flying device competition, in 2017. These five creations won the prototype phase.


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Panama City Team Dragonair takes off in a flying machine that belongs in a fantasy movie

Mariah Cain and Jeff Elkins have always dreamed of flying. Not within the confines of a helicopter or airplane, but unenclosed, immersed in their surroundings and soaring over hills and waterscapes. It’s no longer just a fantasy.

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Texas A&M engineers create flying motorcycle for GoFly Prize competition

The College Station team, called Texas A&M Harmony, is participating in the $2 million-plus GoFly Prize competition, an event sponsored by aerospace company Boeing to challenge engineers to develop flying devices that are relatively quiet, fit in the garage and can carry one person for 20 miles without refueling or recharging.


Which of These 5 GoFly Prize Winners Do You Want to Fly?

Phase II of the $2 million contest to create the best personal flying device is complete. Next up is the final Fly-Off.


Panama City Beach tech company a finalist for $1 million Boeing competition to help humans fly


Boeing announces five finalists in flying ‘go kart’ competition

Boeing’s mission to develop a safe, quiet, ultra-compact VTOL personal flying device has announced its five-phase II winners based on prototype submissions. the GoFly competition tasks participants with designing a personal flying device capable of safely transporting a person for 20 miles without refueling or recharging with vertical, or near vertical take-off and landing capability.


Meet the women making “personal flying machines” a reality

The $2 million GoFly competition encourages mad scientists and daredevils to come as close as possible to Star Wars’s light cycles, James Bond’s jetpack, Marty McFly’s hoverboard, or any other flying dream.


Would You Fly On These? Boeing-Funded Contest To Develop Personal Aircraft Picks 5 Finalists

Many of the prototypes look raw compared to artists’ conceptions of their final products. Nonetheless, the five finalists announced Tuesday in the Boeing-sponsored GoFly competition have hit an encouraging milestone in their quest to produce personal flying machines: They’ve gotten full-scale or subscale models of their designs to take off and make limited maneuvers.


Personal flying machine designs revealed in Boeing GoFly contest

The GoFly Prize, a personal flying device competition sponsored by aircraft maker Boeing, aims to make travel fantasies of effortlessly soaring through the skies come true.


Meet the mad geniuses building personal flying machines

Meanwhile, Boeing, with an eye towards developing expertise and future business opportunities, is sponsoring a $2 million dollar contest called GoFly to spur the creation of a “personal flying device” that can go much farther, faster, and higher.


Boeing design contest throws $2 million into flying car prototypes

The Boeing-sponsored design competition GoFly recently selected 10 winners out of hundreds of submissions for the best designs to carry a person 20 miles without refueling or recharging and with a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capability. That means the vehicles don’t need a runway or a lot of space to get airborne.


Contest aims to lift personal flying machines off the page

The GoFly competition is taking place in three phases, with the final “flyoff” scheduled for 2019. The 10 winners of the first phase, who submitted their designs on paper, were announced on Thursday. More than 100 entries were submitted, and the winning teams each received $20,000.


Boeing’s $2 million challenge to make the sky fun again – with ‘flying motorbikes’

These groups are taking part in a two-year competition backed by Boeing, with $2 million up for grabs. The GoFly Prize, designed to spur teams to build flyers that are “safe, useful, and thrilling,” launched in September 2017. Today, it announced 10 winners of its first phase, chosen by a panel of 97 judges from a field of more than 600 entrants.


Contest seeks to make those ‘Jetsons’ dreams a reality

On Tuesday, a group called GoFly, funded by aerospace giant Boeing, launched a $2 million competition to spur the development of jet packs, hoverboards, human-bearing drones and assorted other flying objects for personal use.


Boeing is hosting a competition to build the world’s first personal flying machine

Boeing is sponsoring the GoFly competition, which aims to create the first personal flying device with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities. The competition’s organizers, a mix of aviation engineers and enthusiasts, have spent the last two years working with aviation groups and authorities, and Boeing, to devise the rules and structure for the competition in such a way that they might spur the sort of innovation they’re after.


Boeing offering $2 million for working jetpack (VIDEO)

Boeing announced an engineering competition in partnership with GoFly that gives teams two years to develop an “easy to use, personal flying device.” The winners could get $2 million in prizes for working designs.


$2 million competition aims to make jetpacks a reality by 2019

GoFly, a Boeing-sponsored competition announced today, wants to turn jetpacks from an aviation novelty to an everyday tool. To do that, it’s inviting people from around the world to enter a two-year contest, with $2 million total in prizes, for the creation of a personal flying device that can carry an individual 20 miles without refueling or recharging.


Boeing is offering big bucks to the inventor of the first quiet jetpack

Boeing really wants to make personal jetpacks a thing, and they’re asking for your help. Boeing is sponsoring the GoFly Prize, a two-year competition in which teams compete for $2 million in prizes as they attempt to invent a personal flying device for the mass market.


Design your own personal flying taxi and you could win $2 million

That’s the theory behind The GoFly Prize, a $2 million competition announced today that seeks to inspire the design and creation of “personal flying devices [for] the masses.” Sponsored by Boeing, the competition urges teams “to leverage recent advances in propulsion, energy, lightweight materials, and control and stability systems to make the dream of personal flight a reality.”


Boeing offers a $2 million prize for a working jetpack

It’s 2017, and as the refrain goes, where are the flying cars? Boeing is more interested in “personal flying devices” — aka, jetpacks or flying taxis — and is partnering with new organization GoFly to post a $2 million bounty for working designs. Kind of like an X Prize competition, the partners are giving teams two years to develop their tech before whomever impresses the judges at a “final fly-off” takes home money from the GoFly Prize pool.


Boeing is handing out $2 million to anyone who can make a jetpack

The GoFly Prize, a two-year global competition, was established to encourage the creation of a “personal flight device” that can carry a passenger 20 miles without running low on fuel or battery. The rules ask that the device is “safe, useful, and thrilling.”


Boeing Will Pay You $2 Million to Build a Jet Pack

GoFly is offering up to $2 million in prizes to teams that can create a personal flying machine that is “useful, safe, and thrilling.” In an effort to engender excitement and ground-breaking prototypes around a particular technology (much like Elon Musk did with his global Hyperloop competition), GoFly seeks to unite innovators around the world.


Boeing’s epic ‘fly-off’ could give us the future we deserve

Boeing hopes the future of personal flight will be on display at an epic “fly-off” about two years from now. If all goes well, the technologies in the air that day could eventually give us a future where we fly from place to place a la “Blade Runner,” which, coincidentally, is set in 2019.


Boeing will dish out $2 million in grand prizes to anyone who builds a Jetpack

Boeing is sponsoring a GoFly competition that challenges adults around the globe to build a flying device for one person. The invention can be a jetpack, drone, or even a “motorcycle in the sky,” Boeing CTO Greg Hyslop said in a YouTube video, as long as it’s capable of taking off vertically and carrying one person for 20 miles.


September 27, 2017

Wish You Could Soar? A $2 Million Contest Aims For Personal Flying Device

A group of aviation companies and advocacy groups, backed by aerospace behemoth Boeing, have announced a $2 million competition to develop a safe and easy-to-use personal flying vehicle in the next two years.


Human Flight On The Horizon? ‘GoFly’ Challenging Inventors To Find A Way (VIDEO)

GoFly is a contest that wants ideas on how to fly. Organizers are looking to plug into innovative imaginations that can soar and one day it might just revolutionize how we travel. For generations, there’s been an obsession with taking flight. Superman and other skyward heroes helped plant the idea. And they had a little help, from shows like “The Jetsons” and their aerospace flying cars. A million dollar prize is on the table for a contest fueled by the imagination through “GoFly,” which is being sponsored by Boeing.


Boeing offers $1 million prize for inventing a personal flying machine

Boeing is offering $2 million in prizes—including a $1 million top prize—to inventors of “safe, quiet, ultra-compact, near-VTOL personal flying devices capable of flying 20 miles while carrying a single person.” VTOL stands for vertical take-off and landing, meaning that Boeing is looking for something more original than a conventional ultralight airplane.


Beyond the jetpack: Boeing backs GoFly’s $2M contest for personal flying machines

For decades, if not centuries, people have been dreaming about flying free like a bird — and now there’s a $2 million contest to bring that dream closer to reality, made possible with a boost from Boeing. Over the next two years, the GoFly Prize program aims to provide incentives for teams to develop one-person flying devices that are capable of making vertical or near-vertical takeoffs and taking 20-mile aerial trips — without refueling or recharging.


Boeing is Sponsoring a $2 Million Competition to Bring Us Real Jet Packs

A Boeing sponsored contest is looking to reward the developers of a functional jet-pack with $2 million. The new contest was announced at the SAE 2017 AeroTech Congress and Exhibition in Fort Worth, Texas. It was conceived by entrepreneur Gwen Lighter, chief executive of the company GoFly, who told The Verge, “There is no dream that is more universally shared than that of soaring through the skies. It unites us all.”


Boeing Announces a Public $2 Million Jetpack Contest: ‘Make History’

It might finally be time to fly. That’s the hope of the people behind the GoFly Prize, a competition announced Tuesday that will give teams up to $2 million to develop the first-ever practical personal flying machine. With aerospace giant Boeing as the competition’s prime sponsor and other aerospace companies pitching in resources to assist teams, GoFly aims to do for jetpacks what SpaceX’s competitions are doing for the hyperloop.


Aerospace Industry Giants Host Competition to Find the Next Great Personal Flying Device

Jetpacks, solo drones, and maybe even personal wings — no idea is too crazy for a new competition hosted by some of the biggest names in aerospace. Boeing will serve as a grand sponsor for a global competition to find the next great personal flying device. The GoFly competition is a two-year international search with prizes totaling $2 million for winning creations.


Boeing Sponsored $2 Million Jet Pack Design Contest?

GoFly with Boing as its “grand sponsor” has launched a design contest that will reward teams with a total of $2 million for their efforts in coming up with “a personal flying device that can be safely used by anyone, anywhere.” We read that and think, “jet pack.”


Boeing Sponsoring Go Fly Personal Vehicle Competition

Boeing is sponsoring a $2 million competition to develop a safe, viable personal air vehicle.


$2 million competition launched to develop personal flying devices

Called GoFly, the two-year competition encourages teams from around the world to leverage recent advances in propulsion, energy, light-weight materials, and control and stability systems to make the dream of personal flight a reality. Prize money of $2 million will be awarded to the most innovative teams.


The GoFly Prize Is Calling Jetpack and Hoverboard Inventors Interested in Winning $1 Million

The GoFly Prize involves a two-year, $2 million contest challenging designers, engineers, inventors, and other innovators to create a safe and easy-to-use personal flying device. The guidelines call for a craft that is ultra-compact, quiet, urban-compatible, and capable of carrying one person 20 miles without refueling or recharging. The device also must have vertical or nearly vertical takeoff and landing capability.



As it stands at this very moment in time, being called “Little Rocket Man” is hardly a compliment. Two years from now, however, it could not only be a compliment, but also a term denoting an individual of great intelligence and wealth. That’s because Boeing, in a move that’s surely the basis of a rejected ’90s coming-to-age screenplay, is holding a contest that will award $1 million to the inventor of the world’s first jetpack.


Can You Build a Personal Flying Machine?

Personal flying devices, from jetpacks to drones, have always captured the imagination of the world. A new competition aims to make flying devices for individuals a reality, and promises prize money of $2 million to the most innovative teams competing.


International Coverage


Search on for personal flying machine (UK)

The search is on for a mass market personal flying machine, with a $2m (£1.4m) competition to “make the dream of personal flight [a] reality”. Sponsored by Boeing and run by start-up GoFly, the competition will encourage teams from around the world to come up with designs.


Boeing launches $2 million competition to build the world’s first commercial personal flying machine (UK)

Boeing has sponsored a $2 million (£1.4 million) competition to find a personal flying machine that could be mass produced to fulfil ordinary people’s dreams of taking to the skies. Designs must take off and land vertically – or nearly vertically – and be able to carry someone 20 miles (32km) without needing to land and recharge.


Boeing offers $2m prize to anyone who can create a working jetpack (UK)

A “Go Fly Prize” was announced at this year’s SAE 2017 AeroTech Congress and Exhibition in Fort Worth, Texas (26 to 28 September). Boeing has signed on as the grand sponsor for the competition. The $2m prize will be awarded to any team that can successfully build and demonstrate “an easy-to-use, personal flying device”, put simply, a jetpack. The organiser of the event has said that a prize of this size will incentivise innovation.


Boeing gets behind $2.8m prize for personal flying machine (New Zealand)

Boeing is behind a $2.76 million race to build a ”safe and easy-to-use” personal flying device. The two-year contest managed by GoFly will award the prize to designers, engineers, inventors and builders to build a safe, ultra-compact, quiet, urban-compatible, personal flying machine capable of carrying a person 32km without refuelling or recharging with vertical, or near-vertical take-off and landing capability.


Boeing is sponsoring $2M jetpack competition. Bombardier might be eligible (Canada)

Boeing has announced it is backing the GoFly prize, which challenges inventors to come up with a jetpack-like “personal flying device” to the tune of $2 million.That sum will be disbursed across three competition stages. In the first phase, as many as 10 $20,000 prizes will be awarded to the best written reports. Four $50,000 prizes will be awarded to teams who make it to the competitions second phase, wherein proposals are refined.


Boeing lanza concurso para crear aeronaves personales (Mexico)

El fabricante estadunidense de aviones Boeing lanzó un concurso para crear un dispositivo personal de vuelo seguro y fácil de usar, en el que concederá premios por un total de dos millones de dólares a los equipos más innovadores. El concurso, con una duración de dos años y gestionado por GoFly, con Boeing como patrocinador principal, anima a equipos de todo el mundo a aprovechar los últimos avances en propulsión, energía y materiales ligeros para hacer realidad el sueño del vuelo personal.


Competição GoFly Prize tornará o transporte aéreo pessoal uma realidade (Brazil)

Uma nova competição deixará os seres humanos mais próximos de viabilizar o desenvolvimento de dispositivos pessoais de voo. Realizada pela companhia GoFly com patrocínio da Boeing, a competição GoFly Prize reunirá projetos de equipes de todo o mundo.


Boeing offre due milioni a chi inventerà un jetpack funzionante (Italy)

Due milioni di dollari per progettare dispositivi di volo personali, come taxi volanti o jetpack. È questa la sfida lanciata da Boeing e Go Fly: i team avranno due anni a disposizione per progettare il proprio dispositivo e alla fine una giuria qualificata assegnerà i due milioni di dollari all’idea migliore. Si tratta, insomma, di una sorta di Xprize.



Boeing è sempre più interessata ai dispositivi volanti, come Jetpack o taxi volando, e sta collaborando con una nuova organizzazione, GoFly, su un concorso che mette in palio per tutti coloro che riusciranno a progettare un jetpack funzionante ben 2 milioni di Dollari. I partner e coloro che sono interessati, avranno a disposizione due anni per sviluppare la tecnologia, che può riguardare anche un qualsiasi veicolo monoposto e non per forza un jetpack.


GoFly, un concours pour permettre aux hommes de voler (France)

Se propulser dans les airs avec un simple sac-à-dos, ça ne relèvera plus de la science-fiction. Le concours GoFly, sponsorisé par Boeing, a été lancé le 26 septembre 2017 pour inventer un dispositif volant personnel.


Boeing offre 2 millions de dollars à qui parviendra à concevoir un Jetpack (France)

Alors que la firme allemande Daimler vient de réussir le test du premier taxi-volant à Dubaï, par l’intermédiaire de l’entreprise Volocopter, Boeing vient de lancer un concours pour concevoir un jetpack. La récompense est de deux millions de dollars.


Boeing lässt Fluggerät für jedermann entwickeln (Germany)

Preisgelder in Höhe von zwei Millionen US-Dollar sind zu gewinnen: Der US-Luftfahrtkonzern Boeing hat den Wettbewerb Gofly Prize für die Entwicklung eines Fluggerätes für eine Person ausgeschrieben und auf der Plattform HeroX eingestellt. Ziel ist es, ein Fluggerät zu bauen, mit dem eine Person in einem urbanen Umfeld fliegen kann.


Boeing patrocina un concurso para crear dispositivos personales de vuelo (Spain)

Boeing patrocina con dos millones de dólares el concurso internacional convocado por GoFly para para animar a los innovadores a que creen un dispositivo personal de vuelo seguro y fácil de usar. El concurso, con una duración de dos años y gestionado por GoFly con Boeing como patrocinador principal, anima a equipos de todo el mundo a aprovechar los últimos avances en propulsión, energía, materiales ligeros y sistemas de control y estabilidad para hacer realidad el sueño del vuelo personal. Se concederán premios por un total de dos millones de dólares a los equipos más innovadores.


Boeing biedt 2 miljoen dollar voor werkend jetpack (Netherlands)

Het bedrijf is de wedstrijd GoFly begonnen, waarbij Boeing op zoek gaat naar een echt, bruikbaar jetpack. Of een ander klein vliegend voertuig, in de woorden van Boeing: een ‘ultra compact, stil en stadsvriendelijk’ persoonlijk vliegend vervoersmiddel. Die hoeft niet meteen klaar te zijn: de ‘finale’ van de wedstrijd is pas over twee jaar.


A Boeing tem 1 milhão para oferecer a quem conseguir construir um jetpack funcional (Portugal)

Apesar de figurarem no imaginário dos futuristas mais antigos, os jetpacks ainda não chegaram para ficar. Talvez existam alguns protótipos funcionais aqui e ali, mas a Boeing não está convencida com nenhum. Para alterar a situação, no entanto, a empresa vai oferecer um milhões de dólares a quem conseguir apresentar um design plenamente exequível que possa ser transformado num produto operacional. A multinacional norte-americana vai escolher um grupo de equipas para o desafio e vai dar-lhes um prazo de dois anos para poderem desenvolver as suas ideias. Quem conseguir impressionar o júri na avaliação final, leva o prémio para casa.


GoFly Launches Competition to Bring Personal Flying Devices to the Masses (Israel)

A new competition to encourage innovators to create a safe and easy-to-use personal flying device launched today at one of the aerospace industry’s premiere engineering technology conferences. he two-year competition, managed by GoFly with Boeing as Grand Sponsor, encourages teams from around the world to leverage recent advances in propulsion, energy, light-weight materials, and control and stability systems to make the dream of personal flight a reality.


Боинг объявил конкурс на создание персонального летательного аппарата (Russia)

Конкурс под названием Go Fly Prize продлится два года и будет разделён на три этапа. В ходе первого организаторы будут оценивать технические спецификации, в ходе второго — прототипы, а на третьем этапе летательные аппараты опробуют в действии. За победу в каждой фазе полагается награда величиной от десятков до сотен тысяч долларов, и на призы спонсор, компания Boeing, потратит 2 миллиона долларов.


Boeing объявила конкурс на создание реактивного ранца с призовым фондом в 2 млн долларов (Russia)

Компания Boeing запустила конкурс по разработке реактивного ранца с общим призовым фондом в два миллиона долларов. Подробности были опубликованы на сайте конкурса, получившего название GoFly.


Boeing дає $2 млн винахідникам реактивного ранця (Ukraine)

На конференції аерокосмічної промисловості, що відбулася в Техасі у вівторок, оголосили про новий конкурс, котрий отримав назву Go Fly. Його призовий фонд – $2 млн. Мета конкурсу – створення простого у використанні персонального літального апарату – “реактивного ранця”. Конкурс триватиме 2 роки. Взяти участь у ньому можуть винахідники з усіх країн світу.


波音悬赏2百万美元 谁能造出实用喷气背包? (China)

据报道,今天在德克萨斯州的航空航天工业会议上推出了一项名为Go Fly Prize的全球大赛,大赛由波音公司出资赞助,奖金为2年2百万美元,以奖励研发出简单易用的个人飞行装置的个人或团队。他们希望激励大学生,工程师和发明家的团队开发一种安全、安静、结构紧凑的垂直起飞和着陆设备(或几乎是垂直起落)单人携带无需加油或充电就能续航20英里(32公里)以上,换句话说,就是一个可供“任何人在任何地方使用的喷气飞机”


ボーイング、動作する「ジェットパック」開発コンペに約2億円の賞金提供へ (Japan)

最近は空飛ぶクルマやタクシーが流行っていますが、はやり究極の飛行手段は背中の推進装置で体一つで浮かび上がる「ジェットパック」ではないでしょうか。そんな夢あふれるジェットパックの開発コンペティション「Go Fly Prize」に、ボーイングが200万ドル(約2.2億円)の賞金を懸けると発表しました。


Boeing เปิดโครงการแข่งขันไอเดียพัฒนา Jetpack (Thailand)

บริษัท โบอิ้ง ผู้ผลิตเครื่องบินยักษ์ใหญ่ของโลกได้ร่วมมือกับบริษัทผู้ให้บริการจองเที่ยว บิน GoFly จัดการแข่งขันไอเดียพัฒนา Jetpack หรืออุปกรณ์สำหรับช่วยบินส่วนบุคคล เพื่อรองรับตลาดการบินในอนาคต โดยใช้ระยะเวลาในการแข่งขัน 2 ปี เพื่อชิงเงินรางวัลมูลค่ารวมถึง 2 ล้านดอลลาร์สหรัฐ หรือราว 66 ล้านบาท


Boeing thưởng nóng 2 triệu USD cho ai chế ra được jetpack cá nhân (Vietnam)

Một cuộc thi mới kéo dài 2 năm có tên gọi Go Fly Prize đã được giới thiệu hôm 26/9 vừa rồi tại một hội nghị công nghiệp hàng không vũ trụ ở Texas, với mục đích là chế tạo “một thiết bị bay cá nhân dễ dùng”. Ban tổ chức cuộc thi này, được tài trợ bởi Boeing, nói rằng họ muốn kêu gọi những nhóm sinh viên, kỹ sư và nhà đầu tư phát triển một thiết bị bay có khả năng cất cánh và hạ cánh thẳng đứng hoặc gần như vậy (VTOL- vertical take-off and landing) an toàn, không gây ồn, gọn nhẹ và có khả năng chở 1 người qua 20 dặm hoặc nhiều hơn mà không cần tiếp nhiên liệu hay sạc lại năng lượng.


Boeing is offering a $2 Million prize if you can design a working personal jetpack (Pakistan)

A $2 million global competition called the GoFly Prize was introduced at an aerospace industry conference with the aim of designing and manufacturing “an easy-to-use, personal flying device.” The organizers of the Go Fly Prize contest, which is being sponsored by aerospace giant Boeing, say they want to encourage students, engineers, and inventors to develop a vertical take-off and landing device that is safe, quiet, ultra-compact, and capable of carrying a single person 20 miles or more without refueling or recharging. In other words, a jetpack that can be “used by anyone, anywhere,” Go Fly’s organizers say.


Boeing letar efter någon som kan bygga en fungerande jetpack (Sweden)

Flygplanstillverkaren och rymdföretaget Boeing är huvudsponsor till en tävling som man kallar för Go Fly där utmaningen är att ta fram ett flygande fordon för personligt bruk. Tanken bakom tävlingen är att ingenjörer, utvecklare, uppfinnare och andra ska tävla mot varandra för att ta fram det bästa flygande fordonet för personligt bruk. Det kan handla om en så kallad jetpack men det finns säkerligen någon som anser att någon annan typ av fordon är bättre på att transportera en person.


Boeing palkitsee miljoonilla – järjestää kilpailun rakettirepun kehittämiseksi (Finland)

Liikenteen tulevaisuudesta on lukuisia erilaisia visioita Hyperloopista lentäviin autoihin ja lennokkeihin. Nyt Boeing haluaa kilpailun kautta etsiä ratkaisuja rakettireppujen tuomiseksi osaksi ihmisten liikkumisvaihtoehtoja. Boeing julkisti hiljattain kilpailun, jonka pääpalkinto on miljoona dollaria. Lisäksi palkintorahoja jaetaan kilpailun eri vaiheessa toisen miljoonan verran.


Flygiganten Boeing gir millioner hvis du finner opp ny «jetpack» (Norway)

Flyselskapet Boeing vil gi opptil to millioner dollar (15,76 millioner kroner) til oppfinnelser som kan få enkeltpersoner til å fly på en enkel og trygg måte. Oppfinnelsen kan for eksempel være en ny type «jetpack», eller det kan være andre og gjerne helt nye og uvanlige konsepter.


Uwaga, konkurs! Boeing płaci milion dolarów za projekt plecaka odrzutowego (Poland)

No dobra, nie jetpack (wybaczcie, ale wydaje mi się, że to słowo ma lepszą rozpoznawalność, niż plecak odrzutowy), a “osobiste urządzenia latające”. I nie tylko Boeing, bo to wspólna inicjatywa Boeinga, agencji DARPA i kilku innych dużych podmiotów, które przy współpracy z organizacją GoFly ogłosiły konkurs na stworzenie takich konstrukcji.


A Boeing 2 millió dollárt ad annak, aki feltalálja nekik a jetpacket (Hungary)

Az utasszállítókat gyártó Boeing megalapította a GoFly-díjat, amit annak fog odaadni, aki megcsinálja a legjobb jetpacket, azaz személyi légi járművet, ami legalább 20 mérföldet képes megtenni egy emberrel, üzemanyag vagy áramtöltés nélkül. A versenyhez promóvideó is készült, ami jelzi, hogy teljesen komolyan gondolják az ötletet.


Η Boeing προσφέρει βραβείο αξίας $2 εκατ. σε όσους δημιουργήσουν ένα λειτουργικό jetpack (Greece)

Η Boeing προσφέρει βραβείο αξίας 2 εκατομμυρίων δολαρίων σε όσους μπορούν να δημιουργήσουν ένα λειτουργικό jetpack. Το βραβείο των 2 εκατομμυρίων δολαρίων θα απονεμηθεί σε κάθε ομάδα που θα μπορεί να κατασκευάσει και να επιδείξει με επιτυχία μια “εύκολη στη χρήση, προσωπική συσκευή jetpack. Ο διοργανωτής της εκδήλωσης δήλωσε ότι ένα βραβείο αυτού του μεγέθους θα ενθαρρύνει την καινοτομία.


Boeing’ten ”Jetpack” yarışması: Toplam ödül 2 milyon dolar (Turkey)

ABD’li havacılık devi Boeing; herkesin, her yerde kullanabileceği bir kişisel uçan araç tasarlanması için yarışma başlattı. Şirket kazananlara toplamda 2 milyon dolar ödeyecek.


Search on for personal flying machine (Ghana)

Sponsored by Boeing and run by start-up GoFly, the competition will encourage teams from around the world to come up with designs. Entries must be capable of carrying a person 20 miles without refuelling or recharging, with a vertical or near vertical take-off and landing.