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Early Round Winners

GoFly Prize competitors are making the impossible possible. Our community is made up of more than 3,800 innovators from over 100 countries, and our winners represent a truly international effort to make people fly. Their challenge?

Our participants have been tasked with designing a personal flying device capable of safely transporting a person for 20 miles without refueling or recharging with vertical or near vertical take-off and landing capability in Phase I, building the aircraft in Phase II, and participating in a Final Fly-off showcase at the end of Phase III. With guidance from our Masters and Mentors and access to valuable benefits from our partners, our winners are ready to make history.

The Competition

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Phase 2: Winning Teams

Team: Trek Aerospace FK2, Inc

Device: FlyKart 2

Team: Texas A&M Harmony

Device: Aria

Team: Silverwing Personal Flight

Device: S1

Team: DragonAir Aviation

Device: Airboard 2.0

Team: Aeroxo LV

Device: ERA Aviabike

Phase 1: Winning Teams

Team: Aeroxo LV

Device: ERA Aviabike

Team: Blue Sparrow

Device: Blue Sparrow

Team: Georgia Tech

Device: HummingBuzz

Team: Leap

Device: Vantage

Team: Mamba

Device: Mamba

Team: Scoop

Device: Pegasus I

Team: Silverwing

Device: S1

Team: teTra

Device: teTra 3

Team: Texas A&M University

Device: Harmony

Team: Trek Aerospace

Device: FlyKart 2

ready. set. gofly.

The sky is no longer the limit.

The Challenge