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Meet the Teams: Get to Know Team Challengers

Pathipan Sivarasa’s grandfather was in the Royal Airforce in Malaysia during World War II and he would tell Pathipan and his brothers tragic stories of the global conflict.  Undeterred, Pathipan was determined to become a pilot, so fascinated he was by “flying objects… “We lived near an airport and each time a plane was landing […]

Meet the Teams: Get to Know Team EDEA, From Austria

Simon Etlinger may have been only three years of age but the memory of his first time in a plane is as vivid as if it were just yesterday. His dad took him on a flight aboard a Cessna with a friend, who was a pilot. “The view out of this open door, the air […]

Meet The Teams: Get to Know Team rFlight, a Multi-National team

Jaka Verbic is a lot like the comic book super-speedy superhero “The Flash.”  Although a self-described quiet kid, “I always liked to move around as fast as possible.  For a long time, I thought a car was as good as it got.  Then at age 5, I went on a plane for the first time […]

Meet the 5 Winners Of GoFly Phase II

Congratulations to all of our innovators and teams for completing Phase II of the GoFly challenge!

Congratulations to Our Innovators on Completing Phase II Submissions!

Almost 300 Innovators from 40 Teams across 16 countries registered for Phase II. Of those, 31 Teams submitted entries.

For All Teams That Need Help Fundraising

GoFly has prepared a list of Investors interested in speaking to, meeting with, and potentially funding GoFly Teams.

The Spark That Started GoFly Prize

CEO and founder of GoFly, Gwen Lighter answers innovators’ questions about the origins of the competition.

Inspiring a New Generation of Aviation: A Q&A With Pratt & Whitney

For Pratt & Whitney, the partnership with the GoFly Prize Challenge felt like a natural fit

Q&A: The Vertical Flight Society’s Take On the Evolution of VTOL

Executive Director Mike Hirschberg discusses how the VTOL industry has transformed.

Q&A: Making Safety a Priority for Personalized Flight

Jon Beatty explains why assessing risk will be key for GoFly Prize teams.

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