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Inspiring a New Generation of Aviation: A Q&A With Pratt & Whitney

For Pratt & Whitney, the partnership with the GoFly Prize Challenge felt like a natural fit

Q&A: The Vertical Flight Society’s Take On the Evolution of VTOL

Executive Director Mike Hirschberg discusses how the VTOL industry has transformed.

Q&A: Making Safety a Priority for Personalized Flight

Jon Beatty explains why assessing risk will be key for GoFly Prize teams.

Q&A: Why GoFly Prize Competitors Should Leverage the Aviation Community

Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at the EAA, shares what makes the aviation community unique in a Q&A.

Q&A: How Drones Are Changing What It Means to Be a Pilot

AOPA’s senior director of UAS programs discusses the role drones will play in the future of personal flight.

Q&A: The Progress & Pitfalls in Developing Personal Flying Devices

The editor in chief and staff reporter of Aerospace America discuss how the era of personal flying devices could soon be upon us.   

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