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The GoFly Prize isn’t just a competition; it’s a mission. To change the way we travel, to question the impossible, to make history.

Over the next two years, teams will compete for $2,000,000 to create a personal flying device that is safe, useful, and thrilling. For more information on competition guidelines, timeline, rules and regulations, explore the resources below or reach out to our team directly.

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GoFly Launches Competition to Bring Personal Flying Devices to the Masses: Boeing to Sponsor $2 Million, Two-Year International Incentive Competition


GoFly Competition Overview

The goal of the GoFly Prize is to foster the development of safe, quiet, ultra-compact, near-VTOL personal flying devices capable of flying twenty miles while carrying a single person.


GoFly Rules

Fly-off scores for the Grand Prize will be based on highly challenging criteria in the following areas: performance, including speed & endurance; the ability to achieve near vertical takeoff and landing; quietness; compactness; and the experience of open-air flight. What the device looks like or how it works to accomplish the task, and accomplish it safely, is up to you.


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GoFly has partnered with the world’s leading aerospace, aviation and engineering organizations. Together, we will make people fly.


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