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Master Lectures

Master Lecture: Flight Control Tips for Enabling Safe Flight of Quiet, Near-VTOL Personal Flying Vehicles

For the latest in our series of “Master Lectures,” we welcomed Irene Gregory, NASA Senior Technologist (ST) for Advanced Control Theory and Applications.

Master Lecture: Addressing Key Roadblocks to On Demand Aerial Mobility

For the latest in our series of “Master Lectures,” we welcomed Gregory Bowles, vice president of Global Innovation & Policy for the General Aviation Manufacturers Association.

Master Lecture: eVTOL for Public Services – Design & Applications

For our latest Master Lecture, we welcomed Johnny Doo, president of International Vehicle Research Inc, for his presentation titled "eVTOL for Public Services - Design & Applications."

Master Lecture: Technology Trends For the Future of Aero Propulsion

In his Master Lecture, P&W's Geoff Hunt shared his vision for the rest of the GoFly Prize competition, and further aviation innovation.

Master Lecture: Keeping Your Eyes on the Stars and Your Feet on the Ground

In his Master Lecture, Rafi Yoeli, founder and CEO of Urban Aeronautics emphasized the importance of sketching as a design tool.

Master Lecture: Executing For a Successful GoFly Journey

For the latest in our series of “Master Lectures,” we welcomed Ashish Bagai, principal at buGiAero.

Master Lecture: Legal Guidance to Protecting Your IP and Sensitive Technologies

Raja Maharajh, Pratt & Whitney’s vice president and general counsel offers legal guidance for protecting your IP and other sensitive technologies.

Risk Reduction During Aircraft Testing

In this Master Lecture, Colonel John Jones offers recommendations for risk reduction during aircraft testing.

Master Lecture: Designing for Stability and Control

In this lecture, Boeing's Joe Nickerson discusses designing devices with stability and control in mind.

Master Lecture: Social Media—Platforms, Metrics and Content

In this lecture, Christina Polaski offers teams advice for creating and managing their social media presence. 

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