With over 2,100 Innovators participating in the GoFly Prize from 86 countries across 6 continents, GoFly is catalyzing innovation across the globe!

Our innovators include some of the best and brightest designers, builders, and thinkers from young engineers at top universities to veteran aerospace experts … and this excitement has been a constant reminder that, together, we will Make People Fly.

GoFly judges, and the world at large, can’t wait to see the first round of submissions this spring. As a reminder, the final submission deadline for Phase I is April 18th at 5:00 pm ET.

Creating anything big and bold is hard, but creating revolutionary new technology is extremely hard, which is why GoFly empowers our Teams by providing access to incredibly valuable software, products, services, and experts. Today, GoFly is proud to announce the beginning of our roster of in-kind sponsors. All Teams who participate in the competition and who continue to remain active competitors will have access to:

Onshape: Exclusive CAD Software Sponsor

The modern CAD system offers advanced modeling tools and design data management in a secure cloud workspace that is accessible on any device and never loses data. Onshape will be providing its Professional Level CAD software and technical support to all registered GoFly Teams. When additional help is needed, all Teams have access to Onshape technical support, online classes and tutorials

TotalSim US: Preferred CFD Simulation Software

TotalSim US’s Computational Fluid Dynamics allows users to simulate test conditions and run robust analyses on build designs, all through cutting edge CFD technologies. All GoFly Teams will have access to TotalSim US’s CFD software, as well as access to simulation tokens.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be announcing more in-kind sponsors that will empower active GoFly Innovators to turns their dreams into reality through access to building materials and specialized parts.

Teams will be able to learn more about how to access these tools and services on the competitor platform at HeroX.com/GoFly.

Stay tuned for a few more exciting updates on new sponsors and the opening of the Phase II Build portion of the competition later this spring!

Ready. Set. GoFly!