Because we know that fundraising is hard—and sometimes you don’t know where to start or who might be interested in meeting with you—GoFly has been actively engaged with VCs and Investment Firms to pave the way for our Phase II Teams to raise money to fund your flying devices.

GoFly has prepared a list of Investors interested in speaking to, meeting with, and potentially funding GoFly Teams.  All Investors on this list have had discussions with GoFly and are fully knowledgeable about the competition—and they have asked to be placed on this list so that our GoFly Teams can reach out to them as potential funding partners.  While there is no guarantee of funding, the investors listed are interesting in speaking with and learning more about GoFly teams, and all have the ability to fund teams.

This list contains the names of seasoned professionals, so before you reach out, we encourage you to have your presentation and your pitch deck prepared.

To help you prepare for conversations with potential investors, GoFly offers Master Lectures on topics such as funding and raising capital, which can be accessed in the Documents section of the Phase I website as well as the Lectures tab of the Phase II website. Additionally, GoFly can also provide your team with a Mentor to help during the fundraising process. If you would like to request a technical or business Mentor, please complete this form. Please note, mentors are paired with mentees on a first come, first served basis.

With various ways to raise funds, this list is a good starting point for traditional VC funding.  Should you decide to pursue other forms of fundraising, GoFly can also assist you with Sponsorships and/or Crowdfunding.

For any specific questions or to schedule a conference call with us, please reach out to us at or We are here to help you!