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Editor’s Note: Over the next two years, we’ll be hosting a series of GoFly Master Lectures where industry experts share advice, insights, and answer questions from anyone interested in participating in the GoFly Prize.

For the sixth in our series of Master Lectures, venture capitalist and CEO Jeremy Conrad reminds GoFly competitors that “if you can’t communicate, your startup doesn’t exist.” Conrad was a founding partner at Lemnos Labs, a hardware-focused seed stage venture with an extensive portfolio of aerospace, drone and robotics companies. Prior to Lemnos, he was an active duty United States Air Force officer working on the Airborne Laser Program.

In the past year, Conrad says he’s seen more aerospace startups pitched, founded and funded than ever before. Drawing from his own experience as a founder and that of founders he’s advised, he shares advice everything from recruiting your first 20 employees to building trust-based networks to building a personal brand through social media. Even if it’s not your natural inclination, Conrad urges competitors to strengthen their soft skills. Why? “As a founder,” he says, “it’s your job to make sure everyone knows what you’re doing.”