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Master Lecture: Mastering the VC Pitch

In this lecture, Mourad Yesayan offers advice on mastering the VC pitch. 

Meet the Teams: Get to Know Team ZEVA, From Tacoma, Washington

Read on to learn about Stephen Tibbitts and what triggered his passion for building!

Master Lecture: Pitching to Venture Capitalists

In this lecture, Tess Hatch, Bessemer Venture Partners, provides pitching advice to new businesses.

For All Teams That Need Help Fundraising

GoFly has prepared a list of Investors interested in speaking to, meeting with, and potentially funding GoFly Teams.

Voltaplex Joins GoFly As an In-Kind Sponsor

Voltaplex provides lithium-ion cells for industries ranging from space to consumer electronics.

GoFly Announces Pratt & Whitney as New Corporate Sponsor

GoFly welcomes newest corporate sponsor, Pratt & Whitney into the GoFly universe.

The Spark That Started GoFly Prize

CEO and founder of GoFly, Gwen Lighter answers innovators’ questions about the origins of the competition.

Q&A: The Vertical Flight Society’s Take On the Evolution of VTOL

Executive Director Mike Hirschberg discusses how the VTOL industry has transformed.

Q&A: Making Safety a Priority for Personalized Flight

Jon Beatty explains why assessing risk will be key for GoFly Prize teams.

Q&A: Why GoFly Prize Competitors Should Leverage the Aviation Community

Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at the EAA, shares what makes the aviation community unique in a Q&A.

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